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Do you object to Thunder Bay telephone company coming into Kenora to compete with KMTS?  No  May 3, 2007 
Do you think having incandescent bulbs will make a difference to our environment?  No  April 26, 2007 
Is it appropriate to relocate the Cenotaph from the museum grounds to the Kenora Legion?
No  April 19, 2007 
Are you satisfied with city council's efforts to maintain a zero budget?  No  April 13, 2007 
Should the province licence corner grocery stores to sell liquor?  No  April 4, 2007 
Will you continue to buy lottery tickets despite of the alleged frauds?  No  March 30, 2007 
Do you think there should be condominium development along the downtown waterfront?  No  March 22, 2007 
Are you comfortable with security cameras monitoring our downtown?  No  March 15, 2007 
Are you in favour of a one per cent tax increase in exchange for free parking downtown?  No  March 1, 2007 
Should province-wide elementary school testing be continued?  No  February 15, 2007 
Do you think dogs should be leashed at all times within the city limits?   No  February 8, 2007 
Do you think students should be allowed to have cell phones in the classrooms?  No  February 1, 2007 
Do you think the way we vote in Ontario provincial elections should be changed? Why?  No  January 25, 2007 
Do you attribute the rash of transport truck accidents on Hwy 17 last week to weather, road conditions, careless driving or all of the above?  No  January 11, 2007 
If a federal election was called today who would you vote for?  No  January 4, 2007