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Do you think Kenora should pursue future opportunities to host major sporting events such as the 2017 Canada Summer Games?   Yes  August 9, 2017 
Do you think Kenora is making progress on achieving its tourism brand as a Premier Boating Destination?
No  August 3, 2017 
Do think the recent visit by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will result in federal government action on local issues?  No  July 27, 2017 
Do you think the possible creation of a new provincial riding in the north will better represent the region?   No  July 19, 2017 
Do you think the improvements at the Kenora Rowing Club for the Canada Summer Games helps Kenora to host national events?  No  July 12, 2017 
Do you think the new city parking lot at the Kenora Shoppers Mall will alleviate parking issues in the city?  No  July 5, 2017 
Will you and your family be celebrating Canada 150 in Kenora?  No  June 29, 2017 
Do you think students today have more educational opportunities than when you went to school?  No  June 21, 2017 
Do you agree with the city council decision to withdraw the proposed snow removal bylaw for downtown businesses?  No  June 14, 2017 
Are you concerned that local tax increases and the rising cost of living will make Kenora too expensive a place for people to live?  No  June 8, 2017 
Do you agree with the proposed Ontario minimum wage increase to $15?  No  May 30, 2017 
new quest  No  May 28, 2017 
Do you agree that the city should have life guards on duty at public beaches in Kenora?  No  May 24, 2017 
Do you think communities and governments are prepared to meet the needs of the aging Baby Boom population in Canada?  No  May 17, 2017 
Are you optimistic city efforts to promote Kenora as a destination will attract more visitors this summer?  No  May 10, 2017