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Do you agree with the provincial government pushing to allow the sale of wine and beer in corner stores?
No   81     61%
Yes   52     39%
 Total Votes: 133

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shelley  ( June 12, 2019)
You've got to be kidding, look at the mall area, we don't need that at every corner store. It's a great tourist attraction!
sara  ( June 12, 2019)
It will just create more vagrants, garbage & and work for the younger corner store workers that only make minimum wage. The existing Liquor Store and Beer Store should be moved out the East Highway about 3 or 4 kms.
STAN  ( June 10, 2019)
Yep! Here's Kenora, with its Opioid Crisis, its Meth epidemic, it's flagrant public intoxications, and by the sounds of it, a lot of Kenoraites are for the sales in stores! Yea. Let's make alcoholism that much more convenient.
JMC  ( June 9, 2019)
I agree. Even though it means I will most likely have to pick up more cans littered along the road way and also along our waterfront.
Gus  ( June 8, 2019)
I make my own wine, better and a lot cheaper. So I could care less about booze in grocery stores or a buck a beer.
egk  ( June 7, 2019)
The Americans have had this for years, Manitoba is doing it. We're still in the bush on this issue time to get with the modern world people.
dale  ( June 7, 2019)
I think it should be sold in corner stores, but unfortunately in our area, the store owners will have to have more staff and security to offer this service. It could be a dangerous venture and what qualification would the staff require in order to sell the product? Would this eliminate people under the age of 19 being employed at convenient stores?
That's politics!  ( June 7, 2019)
Although Ford and the PCs assailed the previous government for cancelling the gas plant agreements, they are costing Ontario taxpayers billions in backing out of beer store and environmental contracts!
Britt  ( June 7, 2019)
Every year, I run into tourists in local grocery stores, looking for the beer and liquor section.
When you tell them they have to go to the beer store or LCBO, they wonder what era we are in.
Yes you can now go to the Brew Pub but still, people need one-stop shopping. Lower prices wouldn't hurt either.
pk again  ( June 7, 2019)
I don't think they should pursue this unless there is a way to get out of the silly contract without paying a huge penalty. Also Doug could realize his buck-a-beer if they would drop the provincial tax a bit.