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Taxpayer  ( May 22, 2019)
They should be building these units in the communities where these people come from. The KDSB is funded by Kenora's taxpayers. This is not a good use of our money. Our young people who work and want to make a life here have nowhere to live but we are making room for people who make Kenora a terrible place to live. Makes no sense.
One Term  ( May 21, 2019)
Good question, No we don't want it. It is proven that along with this type of issue(s), there is also an influx of negative impacts. The mayor and council keep citing a poll done about housing, YES affordable housing for young working people, seniors and the such, Not for addiction driven issues. It looks like KDSB does run this issue for council, they ignore the working taxpaying citizen, again. I pray you are all a one term council.
Paula   ( May 20, 2019)
I will be leaving this place, and taking my family with me.
sara  ( May 19, 2019)
If you live in Keewatin or Jaffray Mellick you can feel safe going for a walk after 7 p.m., but you can't do that in most areas in Kenora, it's too dangerous. My father lives alone in Lakeside and has had his garage broken into several times, I'm constantly reminding him to lock his door, I fear he will be robbed or maybe even beat up. Kenora is a scary place!
dale  ( May 19, 2019)
It really confuses me as to why council insist on ignoring the residents who pay huge taxes, ie Jaffray Mellick, the city does not provide them with any services, sewer, water, phone, gas, roads, pizza delivery, you name it. They are not even in the phone book... but they use their taxes for services they don't use. They can't even sell their homes because of the outrageous taxes.
dave  ( May 19, 2019)
I thought we already are, it looks like it.
Jack  ( May 19, 2019)
So is this the long term plan for Kenora? Import all people in the region with mental health issues & addiction issues knowing full well that once they are here they will probably stay here. I'm sure that will add to the ambience of our fair city.
concerned citizen   ( May 18, 2019)
I do not want any of these in my neighborhood or even city for that matter. Send them to Thunder Bay. Kenora is very scary as it is. Send the people that are not from Kenora to their own communities. With our new shelter, free needles we are attracting so many different types of people. I am "scared" to walk anywhere by myself! Kenora it's time to do something and act on this very serious situation! Boating destination? I think NOT!
Gdende  ( May 18, 2019)
Between Kenora city council and the "KDSB" we will soon have the same issues that Thunder Bay has, not good at all!
Bev  ( May 18, 2019)
No, the centre for these services should be Thunder Bay as they handle our 911 calls. It's obvious the two police departments in our area cannot handle the existing crime, drugs, break ins and property damage we already have.