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Do you support efforts by city council to establish Kenora as a centre for transitional housing, addictions and mental health treatment and related services in the district?
No   85     67%
Yes   41     33%
 Total Votes: 126

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Bev  ( May 18, 2019)
No, the centre for these services should be Thunder Bay as they handle our 911 calls. It's obvious the two police departments in our area cannot handle the existing crime, drugs, break ins and property damage we already have.
perplexed  ( May 17, 2019)
Not in My Backyard? Interesting that the people here offer zero solutions, not realizing that the alternative to housing and addictions treatment is more homelessness and addiction.
Why ?  ( May 17, 2019)
Why is it that the people who want these establishments, are also the ones who do most of the name calling? Usually never have these projects built in their neighbourhood.
pc1  ( May 17, 2019)
There are enough issues in Kenora, build the new units by the people who want the units built and see what they think of them in their back yard.
sr  ( May 15, 2019)
Mayor and council should have to have these type of units in their own backyards first, then maybe they would better understand why other tax payers do not want them in there neighbourhoods.
egk  ( May 15, 2019)
We have a problem now, can you imagine what it would be like to have it here?
Sally   ( May 15, 2019)
As a tax payer, no.