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Do you think local companies should be given special consideration when bidding on publicly funded contracts?
No   74     55%
Yes   61     45%
 Total Votes: 135

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Britt  ( April 14, 2019)
Local companies actually have an advantage over out of towners. They don't have to pay room and board for their workers and Out of Province WSIB premiums. This should give them an advantage when bidding. One big issue is warranty, after the job is done. It is all smiles and handshakes until you need warranty work. A lot of out of town companies also keep changing their names, going broke and defaulting on warranty work.
No  ( April 13, 2019)
No. I have tried to hire local contractors in the early spring. Been told, 'Too busy with lake jobs all summer.' Then tried to get them in late fall and early winter and told, 'Will be down south for winter try back next spring.'
John  ( April 13, 2019)
$11,000 Is $11,000 are you willing to pay the extra? I do not think so. Many local companies doing projects in town had to reach out to Manitoba tenders because they could not finish the job (cheaper).
more bang for your buck  ( April 13, 2019)
Perhaps the question should be why are local contractors overcharging? You would think their bid would be lower. After all, they live here and donít have to pay for accommodations like those from out of town. We have hired more than one out of town company to do various jobs. Local quotes were outrageous and the most annoying part was many donít even get back to you with a quote. Iím all for supporting local businesses but they must remain competitive and better customer service would be an asset.
K-reader  ( April 12, 2019)
The board can get sued if they burn the lowest bidder. Do you want lawyers to get rich? Rest assured, local workers will be hired if they are up to the job. Local contractors need to sharpen their pencils.
save money  ( April 12, 2019)
So let's say a local bid was accepted, does a local contractor then sub out some of the work to a Winnipeg contractor at lower wage rates and benefits? Let us guess where the rest of the money goes!
Heather  ( April 11, 2019)
In the case of the Beaver Brae tender, I agree. To award a 7.3-million-dollar tender to a Manitoba company over an 11-thousand-dollar difference should not have happened. It is tough to swallow, if the funding is being supplied by the Ontario Government and Ontario taxpayers yet the tender goes to an out of province contractor.
Dl  ( April 11, 2019)
Local companies should compete like anyone else. They should not be given special treatment, otherwise, you won't get the best value. Free trade is better for the economy.
pk   ( April 11, 2019)
I think local companies should put in bids and go through the proper channels just like anyone else. I would think local companies would have an advantage of submitting the lowest bid on local projects as they have everything in the area.
sherri  ( April 11, 2019)
I don't think they should be given special consideration, but after reading about the local company being overlooked for the small amount of difference between their bid and a Winnipeg company, that was absolutely ridiculous, it would have been a good boost for local contractors and sub-contractors and the local economy. Please remember this when voting for the next school board.