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Do you agree with the city staff recommendation to suspend discussion on the second ice surface at KRC for the term of the current council?
No   19     12%
Yes   137     88%
 Total Votes: 156

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egk  ( March 18, 2019)
l think we should build another two or three new ice surfaces then the town would have a reason to hire another 10 or more employees.
Kurt  ( March 17, 2019)
With streets that haven't been fixed in years, how can the town council even think of spending that kind of money. Like the current ice sheet, it would sit empty for 6 months a year. Also if there were 2 sheets of ice in use, they would both be under utilized. Still costing the same to maintain.
Rec Centers don't make money. The only way to increase profit of decrease cost, is to increase user costs. Then the users would stop using it.
Edward  ( March 16, 2019)
Did we not cast a ballot about twinning the arena over the internet when we had to vote via computer for our "new Mayor and Council?" It would appear that those results were not recognized or what was wanted or maybe not even recorded or received! Surely it is not a consultant paid for by us the Tax Payer that has recommended this twinning not be done. If this is so then this would be a First as every other consultant used for let's say roundabouts, pretty cement island obstructions on Second and Main streets, computer and telephone voting only and let's not forget about pointless traffic lights as well as pedestrian crosswalks all within 9 meters of each other have listened to.
pc1  ( March 15, 2019)
This should be a done issue the tax payers cant afford to pay for a few people who want the twinning, taxed enough already.
dl  ( March 14, 2019)
Waste of money, please fix the roads. They are worse than a third world country. Everyone needs a beater truck to drive here. Discussing!
slapshot  ( March 14, 2019)
Why are we even entertaining this idea again? We had another arena; but they turned it into a soccer complex. If there was such a demand for ice time then why were the funds not spent to complete the J.M. arena a whole lot cheaper option then this pipe dream. Lousy roads, unreal sewer/water rates, taxes rising, infrastructure crumbling but we need another arena? Give it a rest or put it to a vote and let the citizens decide. No would be the majority vote.
p.k  ( March 14, 2019)
I don't think any community that has to nickel and dime citizens as with Saturday parking increase should venture into spending big bucks on anything, never mind another ice surface.
concerned citizen  ( March 14, 2019)
The discussion for twinning the rec centre should STOP! Focus spending on snow removal of roads and side walks. This year the removal has been awful! Also focus on new sewer and water systems, hydro, garbage and recycle. We can barely support the rec centre we have. Do we actually make any income from it? We had rinks in Rat Portgage (now Bingo Hall), J&M (now soccer complex) and Keewatin Arena. Council should move on and stop wasting money on another consult to twin!
stan  ( March 13, 2019)
The only time the existing rink has been used to it's max was Hockey Day in Canada two years ago. It is not used for concerts, high school hockey draws a small family crowd and it is empty most of the summer. The cost to operate and maintenance has been an issue for years and the city cannot even afford to keep an athletic trainer on staff for gym memberships, so get real.
Britt  ( March 13, 2019)
With an extra $6.5 million needed per year for bridge work, the sewer and water infrastructure short fall and no large tax paying employers on the horizon, Kenora can't afford this project.
The current arena runs at a deficit. Sure tournaments attract crowds, but in the end they don't pay for themselves. Even when the current arena sits idle, it requires annual maintenance. Double that cost,if you add more ice.
I believe there was a profit made from Hockey Day in Canada that would be released, if the new ice surface was not built by 2020. When can we expect to see where that will go?