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Do you feel the City of Kenora does an adequate job at winter road maintenance?
No   107     75%
Yes   36     25%
 Total Votes: 143

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lk  ( January 9, 2019)
We haven't needed snow removal too much this year, but the snow banks downtown make it very difficult to park and let an elderly passenger out safely. I don't believe the sidewalks have been sanded as well, very dangerous for the elderly. I don't know how they manage with a walker or cane. Some streets only have houses on one side of the road, so the snow could be pushed to one side, this would save time loading it into a truck to haul away. Evergreen School area roads and sidewalks are slippery and narrow, use extra caution when school buses are on the move.
snow job  ( January 9, 2019)
Second Street is a joke, plow these back lanes so residents can get their vehicles off the street, then give them fair warning and start ticketing, but make sure the back lanes are plowed. Bylaw enforcement year round, well that's another story.
Tim Francis  ( January 9, 2019)
Adequate maybe, exemplary no.
That Guy  ( January 9, 2019)
I agree, city by-law against parking is a joke. Second Street South is a good talk. Is that not a main highway route? People should not park there in the winter season, such as how Winnipeg has a parking ban. Maybe the roads in Kenora need to be twinned as well. We need parking bans!
Hartley  ( January 9, 2019)
As I sit looking at a poorly plowed Drewry Drive, I have to say NO! A guy with a front end loader made two passes one way, and one the other.
The plow does not ever come near the curb, therefore narrowing the street.
One issue though, is not the plow drivers fault. It is bylaw enforcement. Even though they are on the street a couple times a day, they do not ticket vehicles parked for more than 48 hours on the street and there are lots.
They also do not ticket people for pushing snow on to the street again narrowing the street. It these people did their job, the plow would have an easier time.
Until this street was repaired a few years ago, it was cleared by a grader, which got down to the snow pack, pushed the banks higher and further up on to the city boulevard. Not any more!