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Do you support local residents of multi-unit dwellings calling on Kenora council to address high water rates in the city?
No   65     20%
Yes   267     80%
 Total Votes: 332

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Wes Siemens  ( December 8, 2018)
This city council either cares about affordable housing or they donít .
KDR  ( December 7, 2018)
The City is making the billing the same for all residents by charging per unit in multi residential buildings. Up until now other users were subsidizing these units. If you are a homeowner you should not be supporting these people who don't want to pay their fair share.
Banjos  ( December 7, 2018)
It's set up by the Province as a user pay system. It's not like we live in a remote, dependant community where the government pays for everything, including housing. I demand the taxpayers to pay for everything!!
al  ( December 5, 2018)
We should all pay the same for water even thou rates are ludicrous.
JD  ( December 5, 2018)
The city wants to encourage developers to build multi unit low income type residences in tow. Crap like this will deter any development.
pk  ( December 5, 2018)
I believe our water rates are too high for everyone, not just the dwellings talked about. The Town Council claims they want to do something about high rent for certain people and this new water strategy will not help rent stay low. I can't see landlords not passing on the cost increase which come about with this poorly thought out water meter plan.
Josie  ( December 5, 2018)
Apparently the city is requesting the apartment dwellers to pay up on a water bill the city erred on. If the city made an error in the calculations of water services for past years and did not charge enough they should wipe out the outstanding bill for these people. They cannot blame the residents for the city's mistake. Council and administration need to sit down and work out a resolution as how to go forward instead of asking residents to pay a bill they knew nothing about and which was not their fault. Single residents are now paying about $98 and up a month for sewer and water. If there are more people in the home then the water usage will be higher. Remember that the sewer charges are 100% of the water charges. It would be fairly easy to set out a rate schedule for apartment dwellers.