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Do you feel the province provides adequate funding for education to Kenora area school divisions?
No   64     56%
Yes   50     44%
 Total Votes: 114

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Hartley  ( November 20, 2018)
With all the ice time schools have booked at the rec center, buses to get students there and back, there must be a lot of extra money. Then look at what admin staff and teachers get paid,there is lots. One school board would reduce costs. People over 65 should not be paying education taxes!
tax payer  ( November 20, 2018)
I have no children of my own but don't mind paying school taxes because a robust public education system helps everyone. Starving the education system would only promote ignorance and stupidity!
dl  ( November 20, 2018)
I do not have any children, but I have paid school taxes for more than 30 years, so I hope they have enough funding. Many people cannot afford to have children but pay school taxes for everyone else's kids. There should only be one school division, churches are for religion.
Gus  ( November 19, 2018)
Just look at the top earners on the Sunshine list that is proof that the government provides sufficient funds. When administrators and principals earn more then the premier or the mayor of Toronto then we are spending more than enough.
Tony  ( November 18, 2018)
My tax bill says yes
pk  ( November 16, 2018)
They must be providing adequate funding if Beaver Brae can go ahead with the planned expansion.
Jimmy  ( November 16, 2018)
The whole Province would do better if there was one funded public school system where we learned about all religions and cultures. Ontario is a very diverse province. Lets end the religious indoctrination and better prepare our students for what's and who is out there. We would save billions with one school system, end the duplication and competition for funding between school systems.
JD  ( November 15, 2018)
Way more than needed. However why do senior citizens have to pay school tax? If you look at all the school funded play time etc. there is too much funding.
deb  ( November 15, 2018)
I don't know the actual numbers, but it must be difficult to support two school divisions. The funds would go much further if we only had one school division, like several other provinces do.