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Should Kenora residents have the option to cast their ballots at neighbourhood polling stations on election day as well as voting online or by telephone?
No   30     24%
Yes   95     76%
 Total Votes: 125

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  ( October 16, 2018)
Can't be having both options, would be too costly. Anyone that doesn't feel comfortable around or having to use a computer can always go to city hall for help. So no excuse not to vote. Besides there is the telephone option which most people shouldn't find intimidating. I just voted online and was quite comfortable doing so. At the end of my voting experience, I was given an option to participate in an ominous survey. I am VERY concerned that telephone voters weren't afforded the same option of partaking in that survey. There are some very important issues in that survey regarding the direction that this council should take.To not afford telephone voters the same privileges of participating in this survey is a complete and utter travesty.
Sam  ( October 16, 2018)
Anyone out there know where I can find a phone booth so I can phone my ballot in? Never mind I guess the phone booth has disappeared just like the paper ballot at the polling station.
Tim Francis   ( October 15, 2018)
Fantastic idea. Elections are just a popularity contest anyways. Dangle a carrot, get your votes, sit around for four years, repeat. If this doesnít inject some new, forward thinking ideas into a stagnant council, then Iím afraid nothing will. Everyone should be voting this election, absolutely no excuse not to. Come on millennials, generation X, or what have you, get off your collective (butts) and vote, inject some youthfulness into the old boys club.
pk  ( October 12, 2018)
I think it would be good to have the old and new together. some don't have computers and would rather mark a ballot. There are others who can't get out and the new system is beneficial to them.
Jack  ( October 11, 2018)
I'm thinking of the elderly. Many don't have computers and they are not computer literate. They want to vote in the same manner they have always voted. They should be allowed to do so.
Keven  ( October 11, 2018)
Who decides on where or how we vote? Polling stations with paper ballots have always been an option until now. Now we are told the only options are by means of phone or internet. Is the website we are to vote at 100% secure? Where does my information go if I put my "PIN" number in incorrectly? How many chances do we have before we are locked out? This is the third time to put this comment in for me because it has been saying the security code entered is incorrect and everything I have entered disappears. Will this happen if the "PIN" is incorrectly entered? Turn on the news and we hear of website breaches and personal information being compromised on a regular basis. What happens if there is a computer crash? What happens to my information? Do I as a citizen of legal age no longer have the right to cast my vote in the election? Apparently the answer is no as I was not given a say in the elimination of this method of voting. Many people no longer have land lines but have cell phones. Having said this in my personal experiences I have found my cell phone unreliable in several areas in Kenora so if my call is dropped by the cell phone service provider when I am half way or more through casting my ballot will I be able to reconnect and know what information has been accepted? We constantly get phone scams, e mail scams etc. through our modern technological devices and have no idea how our information has gotten out there yet the City of Kenora has decided that I must enter my personal information via a computer or phone accompanied by a "PIN" number in order to exercise my right to cast my vote in this municipal election. What has happened to the good old fashioned day of voting stations and paper ballets which I must admit provided a documented paper trail to follow should discrepancies occur? As there is no other option for me I guess I will need to give up my right to privacy, my right to vote and do as I am told. This is supposed to be Canada is it not?