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Marijuana becomes legal on Oct. 17, do you think the new city council should pursue opening a dispensary in Kenora.
No   46     48%
Yes   50     52%
 Total Votes: 96

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  ( October 9, 2018)
My two drug dealers, say no!
+dv  ( October 8, 2018)
Why would We need a town run dispensary when (deleted) have been doing that job for years...
Harv  ( October 8, 2018)
No, and any elected Councillor that has a potential conflict, interest or tie in a business of selling anything to do with it in any way, should step down and remove themselves from office.
decided to move forward not back  ( October 6, 2018)
The question can be read 2 ways. Do I think the City should open their own dispensary? No. Do I think the City should approve a dispensary opening by a private company? Yes. In fact I think the City should allow more than one establishment to dispense Cannabis in the same way beer and alcohol is found in different strategic areas. We will soon see other stores selling alcoholic beverages too. Citizens and visitors alike will have more choice of product and location. The few employment opportunities that will result from dispensaries will also increase. There also will be more direct city tax income from private rather than provincial ventures.
pk again  ( October 5, 2018)
I read the question wrong for my first comment. I thought it said should the town allow a dispensary to be open. I think there should be somewhere in town to purchase but the town should keep their fingers out of it. Let someone that knows what they are doing run it.
JD  ( October 5, 2018)
With wages of near $20 hour, they would either have to mark up the price a lot, or sell a boat load. Leave this to a private retailer. Let them worry about the security, insurance, supply and suppliers.
Rob  ( October 5, 2018)
Are you kidding a Dispensary operated by the City of Kenora. How inefficient would that be? Probably cause a tax increase to the citizens.
pk  ( October 4, 2018)
I think there should be a place to buy locally. I hate shopping on line and would much rather have a place to walk into. I tried some oil containing cbd's and would definitely buy more for pain control. It worked much better than T3s.
MJ   ( October 4, 2018)
I hope you mean that mj can be sold by a private individual and not run by the city. Could you imagine the town trying to run a pot dispensary? LOL
Gene  ( October 4, 2018)
If Kenora does not open one, then what First Nation will?