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Do you think Kenora school boards should follow the Winnipeg School Division in considering a 12 month academic year?
No   57     63%
Yes   33     37%
 Total Votes: 90

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stan  ( October 1, 2018)
Our teachers are handling large classes and should not have to deal with this issue for 12 months...we need to have a balance for teachers,students and parents
Cynical in Kenora  ( September 28, 2018)
A 12 month school year would mean the cancellation of family vacations. Even if the schools operated 11.5 months of the year, it's not possible for all employees with children in school to have the same two weeks off.
richie  ( September 28, 2018)
Yeah, get those lazy teachers to work a full year like the rest of us.
dl  ( September 27, 2018)
I think children start school far too soon, three is far too young. They need to have some time to be a kid. Manitoba does not have their tax dollars split between public and separate school boards, so they can make changes without dealing with two boards...waste of money. Churches are for religion.