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Do you think Canadian trade officials are taking the correct approach on NAFTA negotiations with the U.S. and Mexico?
No   55     53%
Yes   48     47%
 Total Votes: 103

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JD  ( September 4, 2018)
It is the same with anything this government has touched. They don't have the experience to negotiate and turn and run when confronted.
Whether it is NAFTA, pipelines, immigration or a misguided weapons ban, they just get worse.
Josie  ( September 4, 2018)
I recently heard via the media that Chrystia Freeland insulted Donald Trump while she was receiving an award in the US. He is like an spoiled child who cannot take criticism and she did us no favours by insulting a President while she was a guest in his country. The Liberals holier than thou attitude is getting us into trouble all over the world.
Gene  ( September 4, 2018)
This inept bunch have not got one thing right, NAFTA, pipelines, illegal immigration, payouts to terrorists, taxing the air we breath. One term wonders.
Laker  ( September 3, 2018)
Trade negotiations are difficult enough without the background noise of an ignorant bully (Trump) and those with a political axe to grind. I stand by our Prime Minister and his team!
pk  ( September 3, 2018)
I think it is going as well as can be expected. I think Trudeau made a mistake bringing up his usual agenda which has nothing to do with trade. Also what he said about Trump caused Trump to get his knickers in a knot and seems to be doing things just to give Canada a rough time.
Jack  ( August 31, 2018)
Trudeau is an epic fail on all levels. (He) struts around like a peacock while the country becomes more isolated because of his actions. Externally Canada is becoming a laughingstock in the eyes of other countries and internally western provinces are ready to revolt. Way to go Justin. You are much worse than your father.
concerned citizen  ( August 30, 2018)
Canada is going to be in trouble and in debt cause all the Liberals do is spend! After they spend they have nothing to show but Trudeau's perfect hair!
Cynical in Kenora  ( August 30, 2018)
It depends. If you're referring to Trudeau contemplating throwing the auto sector under the bus in order to maintain a handful of Quebec (dairy farmer) seats, then I think the response is dead wrong. Some might say that this is Trudeau's tough negotiating strategy. Personally, I wouldn't give him that much credit.
I wonder how the negotiations would have gone if Trudeau didn't launch with his holier than thou, virtue signalling, naivety by demanding gender equality in the NAFTA agreement. And then by talking tough at the post G7 press conference when he thought Trump was out of earshot.
paul  ( August 30, 2018)
the U.S. is being ridiculous they should look elsewhere to trade and not deal with them I would give them nothing once again they want to run the world.
Bubs  ( August 29, 2018)
I think our current Prime Minister has no life experiences to be involved as a "Leader" of any party. He came from a privileged, entitled background. The only platform he has is to spend tax payers money, not create, protect jobs or grow the economy. He thinks swooping down on tragedy and giving hugs is governing. We're going to be a mess federally just like provincial Liberals buried us in debt, despair and no way out for a very long time.