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What do you think is the most important local issue of the 2018 Kenora municipal election campaign?
Affordable Housing   22     21%
Economic Development   21     20%
Infrastructure   48     46%
Other   14     13%
 Total Votes: 105

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dl  ( August 29, 2018)
The roads are terrible, look at the Jaffrey Melick roads, huge taxes with gravel roads???
Vin  ( August 28, 2018)
Why aren't people allowed to use nickels and dimes in parking meters?
Why are there "bike lanes" on the shoulder of the highway?
Why are the crosswalk lights constantly flashing?
Too many stupid ideas the last few years.
Lefty  ( August 25, 2018)
How do we prevent the burn out of the emergency response, doctors and nurses in this community? Too much social welfare. When is it being to generous?
pk  ( August 25, 2018)
I think Kenora has to do more to attract some kind of large industry. It would help to keep property tax and water bills at a decent level.
Hartley  ( August 23, 2018)
Infrastructure!! I find that by the time I drive from home,through town and back, my back hurts!! Too many ruts, craters, unrepaired service spots etc.
Add to the poor roads, incorrect drainage, ponding water and sewer breaks, the infrastructure is horrible.