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Are you concerned about cuts to provincially funded programs implemented by the Ford government over the summer?
No   72     64%
Yes   41     36%
 Total Votes: 113

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Rob  ( August 22, 2018)
Let's hope this is just a start. We need our elected officials Municipal to Federal to start spending our tax money more efficiently. Go Doug Ford
egk  ( August 21, 2018)
it,sabout time we have a government thats trying to cut waste.... my first cut would be welfare to people who are to lazy to work ... second would be make everyone in Ontario pay taxes if you benifit from what taxes support we're loosing billions of dollars from this ... funny how these people are always the first to complain......
Pk  ( August 19, 2018)
The cuts may seem cold hearted but I feel they were really necessary. The Liberals really went into debt and that is not good. Most of the cuts were done to vote buying schemes that probably the Liberals wouldn't have put in place if they were reelected. The Liberals left a mess and Ford looks like an ogre having to clean it up.
Tim  ( August 18, 2018)
I'm more concerned about how deep this Province is in debt, we'll never get out of this mess. The Liberals have really screwed us this time. We don't have any options. Stay healthy people, don't get sick, look after yourselves, help your neighbors.
JD  ( August 16, 2018)
At the end of their reign of error, the Liberals were dumping money in a lot of questionable programs in a feeble attempt to buy votes. I am glad to see some of these cancelled.In time the few with merit, may be restored and a lot better ones brought in.