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Do you think the city allocates enough funding in support of sport and recreational activities in the community?
No   21     25%
Yes   62     75%
 Total Votes: 83

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Gus  ( August 14, 2018)
Most recreational clubs in Kenora, Aerialettes, all star chearleading, golfing,rowing, skiing, soccer, baseball, beach volleyball, swimming sharks, gun club, yacht, tennis, judo and curling, receive little or no funding from the city. The city should make no exceptions. If you want improved facilities follow the examples of the Aerialettes, soccer and the JM baseball fields, fund raise and raise your member fees to cover the necessary funding instead of stiffing the taxpayer.
Paula  ( August 12, 2018)
People want to come to Kenora for a natural environment experience. The Tunnel Island walking trails are a great example. Probably the towns' best place for people to experience nature in a nice, safe place, take the kids The entrance could be better looked after, and right of way trees on the curve could be cleared back for better visibility each way to make it safer with the busy traffic on Lakeshore Drive.
The town really puts a lot of money into hockey and baseball. The baby boomers want to use the rec centre as an indoor all season facility for a variety of activities like a track for indoor running and a place for young people to go. It is really needed to keep people living here in the winter.
pk  ( August 10, 2018)
I don't think the city has to give any money it would just be better to have lower user fees so all could afford to play. I once lived in another small town and my neighbor was the rec director and she thought recreation should not be run as a business to make money. Instead of donating money lower the fees and suck up the loss.
Terry  ( August 10, 2018)
No, not if it means twinning the ice surface at the KRC. I would support more money being given to local community rinks... they are more accessible to all. When the Rec Centre was built it was to be self supporting. That never happened.
JD  ( August 10, 2018)
Yes they spend enough. Unfortunately there is not much return for it.
John  ( August 9, 2018)
For the size of our city there is enough funding that we can afford. I hope this question is not in regards to twinning the rink which has already been sidelined.