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Do you think there is more to see and do in Kenora during the summer months now compared to 10 years ago?
No   43     61%
Yes   28     39%
 Total Votes: 71

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Carle  ( August 7, 2018)
Actually less. There is a lot of vacant land now. Paper Mill, gone and nothing planned, the area around "the Mall" is desolate and again nothing planned. Empty stores along 2nd Street and First St. S.
For a "tourist" town there is not a lot to see or do in the evenings, unless it is a special event.
concerned citizen  ( August 7, 2018)
The locals can't go on the lake and enjoy the beaches as there is no where to launch and park the vehicle. The Rec Centre parking is full of cars with no trailers. For the younger generation the "Splash Park" at Norman beach would be awesome. The Rotary club has the right idea, too bad the city doesn't!
Tim Francis   ( August 6, 2018)
Along the same line as Laines’ comment. I’ve a ditch in front of my house that I requested a year ago to have cleaned. The ditch belongs to the town. I pointed out that it hasn’t been cleaned in about a half dozen years and is subsequently filled with ‘winter’ sand and obnoxious weeds. I also stated that I believe the town's neglect will lead to overland flooding. They said it will be prioritized along with other concerns. I propose that a neglected ditch that poses a threat to residences in the form of overland flooding should have a higher priority than worrying about wiping dust off of supposedly ‘free’ bus shelters and the picking up of dog waste by two town employees. Never mind worrying about what the tourist thinks of this town, start doing things right at the municipal level and maybe the locals will stick around.
stan  ( August 4, 2018)
There is not much to do in the evening. I spent a week in a small town on the shore of Lake Huron last summer and in the evening this little community came to life, ice cream parlors, gift and souvenir shops, open air restaurant, street vendors, live entertainment at the grand stand on the beach. It was so much fun. Kenora only has weekend events for the tourists.
dk  ( August 4, 2018)
Have you driven downtown on Friday or Saturday evening... ghost town
ELAINE  ( August 3, 2018)
Yes there is but here is my chance to say something. If the city would whipper snip around poles and signs and pick up all sand on roads and side walks cause now the weeds grow on our roads. One more thing, businesses should pull the weeds growing along their place. Maybe tourist would say how clean our city is and come back. Word of mouth works.
  ( August 3, 2018)
Hopefully someone is looking at revitalizing the Smoke and Fish Derby next year.
egk  ( August 2, 2018)
Lots more to see open space where the mall used to be. Look at where the mill used to be. Yes, more open space to walk around in.
p.k  ( August 2, 2018)
I grew up in Kenora, left for a while and came back. It is still a beautiful place to live and visit. The only down side is that our streets and traffic lights were not meant for the volume of traffic we have now. I dread going downtown in the summer.