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With a new provincial government now in place do you think progress will be made on the Highway 17 twinning project west of Kenora?
No   54     70%
Yes   23     30%
 Total Votes: 77

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Belvin  ( July 31, 2018)
Public safety should be a priority. All other concerns are invalid in comparison.
Greg T.  ( July 30, 2018)
Twinning it from the border to town is a waste of time and money. However if the twinning were to go all the way to Sudbury, then go for it. Manitoba had a lot of road work contracts cancelled. The highway from west of Falcon Lake needs to be twinned to the border. Not happening in the forseeable future. If we are twinning to Kenora only to ease the summer traffic, then it isn't worth it.
Jimmy  ( July 28, 2018)
This is huge public safety concern for all travellers. There is NO excuse for not ensuring the safety of the travelling public. Almost every week a transport or car is involved in an accident. Traffic in the summer on a Sunday is almoxst bumper to bumper heading west. This is an issue for Manitoba, Winnipeg and the Federal governments.
pk  ( July 27, 2018)
Since it is the TransCanada highway I think it should be the responsibility of the federal government to twin the highway and that should include the Manitoba portion.
Deb  ( July 26, 2018)
I do not believe this will happen, I have an old Daily & Miner News dated March 31st 1977, it contains a full page with a brief history of the tasks the Kenora District Chamber of Commerce where dealing with since 1907, the history shows that the Chamber was attempting to "Urge the Government to twin Trans Canada Highway" in 1973, so this has been talked about for 45 years... let's move on to something else. The brief also indicated the Chamber has been protesting gas prices since 1952, so the government probably won't do much about that issue as well...
sm  ( July 26, 2018)
Just ask our MPS who have been around for awhile and you can not help but laugh. How many years have they been saying its coming
  ( July 26, 2018)
Sure hope so! There'll be some nice high paying Union jobs for the locals once this gets going.
Rob  ( July 25, 2018)
Not sure how twinning this 40 km stretch of Hwy will help or make a difference to Kenora or Ontario. Will Manitoba complete the twinning of Hwy #1 from Falcon Lake to the Ontario border, I doubt it. Just a huge waste of tax dollars.