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Are you optimistic private sector companies can fill the transportation gap when Greyhound Canada suspends its Western Canada operations this fall?
No   26     59%
Yes   18     41%
 Total Votes: 44

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Hartley  ( July 24, 2018)
It is such a large area and not a big population. it would be financially hard to maintain a regular, good quality service.
With the price for fuel and insurance being high, by the time you add in vehicle costs and maintenance and wages and benefits, it would be hard to keep costs affordable.
There will almost certainly a need for subsidization.
Jimmy  ( July 24, 2018)
Yes, absolutely. People will find a way, necessity is the mother of innovation. If you provide too much government social services you make people too dependant and generations of people fall into the trap and can't provide for themselves. Everyone has an Iphone and is a social activist. They can advocate for a ride with all their Facebook friends very easily now a days. People do it all over the world and here they have way more advantages.
pk  ( July 24, 2018)
It depends on the quantity of service. I think you do need at least one bus a day going both ways. I used to travel by Grey Hound quite frequently and found the service adequate. The fares used to be affordable then went so high you could almost take a plane for the same cost.