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Do you agree with the decision by the Ford government to end the provincial cap-and-trade plan on industrial carbon emissions?
No   83     48%
Yes   89     52%
 Total Votes: 172

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Rob  ( July 14, 2018)
I would bet most do not know that Carbon taxing and Cap & Trade are not the same.
Jimmy  ( July 14, 2018)
How about everyone do their own bit, like walk, ride their bike everyday, grow a few things to eat in a garden. Be a little more self reliant, don't count on a government to do YOUR responsibility.
NWO man  ( July 13, 2018)
Greg Rickford and his boss Doug Ford believe that carbon polluters should get a free pass, if not rewarded!
pk   ( July 12, 2018)
I am not a climate change denier but I do deny that a tax will stop it from happening. The carbon tax was to go for remedies for climate change but I believe the Liberals were just putting it into general revenues.