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With government approval of legalized recreational cannabis coming in October, do you think there should be a licensed outlet located in Kenora?
No   75     49%
Yes   77     51%
 Total Votes: 152

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ELAINE  ( July 3, 2018)
Put the outlet in the building on the west highway (old tourist stop) We hide cigarettes from youth, hide this too.
stan  ( July 2, 2018)
Please educate yourselves with the various reports and information available before making uninformed comments about this issue. The drug problem that is currently an issue is being caused by opioids, and these drugs are available by doctors & the government, they can be deadly if abused. Marijuana will not kill people!
Paula  ( June 30, 2018)
No, last thing we need is pot sales for an ADHD population to drive half cut to get stoned and run over some kid on a bike while they're texting..
john  ( June 30, 2018)
There is enough here already, we don't need a depot. This to me is a real bad decision by our elected leader. We have enough drugs around. Are they going to make them legal too for a fast buck rather than trying to rid the drug problem?
Josie  ( June 29, 2018)
It is a crying shame that the Feds have not spent as much time on major issues like health care, a universal education plan, infrastructure replacement and repair than they have on pot smoking.
egk  ( June 29, 2018)
Pandemonium will ensue. Mark my words.
deb  ( June 29, 2018)
It's about time they made the change, now the jail will not be filled with senseless issues. The police can actually deal with real criminals.
why not  ( June 28, 2018)
Why not, maybe they can move the needle exchange to that same location, one stop shopping. The way this government is heading we will soon be selling meth and cocaine over the counter too. Scary times!
pk  ( June 27, 2018)
Yes there should be an outlet. I'm also wondering if you will still need a prescription for medical marijuana.
JD  ( June 27, 2018)
Marijuana should remain illegal. Crime is bad enough in this city.