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Do you think Kenora is prepared to accept a potential influx of evacuees from northern communities during the summer forest fire season?
No   72     84%
Yes   14     16%
 Total Votes: 86

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R.M.  ( June 25, 2018)
I dont think think it's about who's going to pay for it. it's more like, there is nowhere to stay in Kenora! The city could use another hotel or two with at least 50-80 rooms, then I would say I can imagine this place could be a location for evacuees. Even spreading them out over Dryden, Fort Frances and Kenora would not be enough. And for the cherry on top, we don't have good housing, so why try to be an Evacuation Centre. Got space but no shelter. Fingers crossed tho. I hope Kenora becomes the place it needs to be. I Love You Kenora!
Laker  ( June 25, 2018)
I am sure that we can find a way to help evacuees if they come this summer. We are not a totally heartless community!
pk  ( June 22, 2018)
It probably comes down to who will be paying for it. I don't think Kenora on its own can afford it.
Paula  ( June 22, 2018)
Kenora hotels are usually booked for the summer. Our little hospital has waiting periods of at least two hours and doctors, nurses and police are stretched. No, Kenora is not a good fit. Plus we already service outlying communities that are off mainstream and need a lot of help.
Hartley  ( June 21, 2018)
Kenora is in no way ready for something like this especially if it is a prolonged stay.
Pete  ( June 20, 2018)
We can't take care of the homeless but we can take care of evacuees.
JD  ( June 20, 2018)
We can't handle the influx of the growing number of homeless/street people that adorn the streets now.