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What local project do you think should be the highest priority for the new provincial government?
All Nations Hospital   15     11%
Highway 17 twinning   44     32%
Infrastructure   53     39%
Rec Centre expansion   25     18%
 Total Votes: 137

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egk  ( June 19, 2018)
We sure cannot afford a second ice rink at the Rec Center.
Over a $100 thousand for coney island; Can't fix the docks by Rec Center; $4.5 million to extend sewer and water down Hwy. 17 East to support a housing project. Maybe this council should look at places like Steinbach who make developers pay for this not tax payers.
health priority  ( June 18, 2018)
Is putting twinning the highway and infrastructure repair a priority over your health? People complain about travel to other medical centers for treatment but believe twinning the highway is a must. Obey the law and have the OPP step up enforcement. Hopefully infrastructure money is on its way now that Wynne is gone.
Josie  ( June 18, 2018)
To me, infrastructure in all its facets, is the most important since it affects nearly everyone's every day life one way or another. Yes, we still have water delivery by truck in some areas of Kenora. So how bad is that?
JD  ( June 18, 2018)
The Provincial Government decides when and where,when it comes to a new hospital. The feds "might" contribute around 20 per cent for that. Highway twinning? Just slow down. Twinning the ice at the rec center? No! The current one returns only 25 cents for every dollar spent. Sits empty six months a year and even when empty still needs maintenance. Infrastructure Yes! The streets are horrible.
concerned citizen  ( June 18, 2018)
We do not need to twin the rec centre (that would be a waste of money) the hospital works (no doctors )twinning the highway would be safe, but yes slow down and be careful of fellow drivers (everyone is in a hurray to get nowhere fast). Kenora needs to work on our roads, bridges, waterlines and sewer. We have to worry about the town and the people that are here year round.
al  ( June 15, 2018)
I never believed in twinning the highway people need to slow down and follow the rules of the road. Te Rec Center is good enough the way it is, it does not get used half the time. Our infrastructure is in despair and needs to be done first. We have a hospital that can't make budgets now, you want another one?
ELAINE  ( June 14, 2018)
We need to spend our tax dollars on new city roads and city bridges, water and sewer systems of our city. We have a very nice hospital. We have less kids so donít need a second arena. Why spend millions on a highway for two months of the year just slow down?
pk  ( June 14, 2018)
None of the above, I think the first priority should be to scrap the carbon tax, (if possible) then get on with other things.