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Now that the provincial election is over are you looking forward to electing a new Kenora city council and mayor in October?
No   31     42%
Yes   43     58%
 Total Votes: 74

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Josie  ( June 8, 2018)
We really do need some fresh faces on Council. Some have been there forever with no fresh ideas but to spend, spend, spend. They are leaving a bad legacy for the young people who will have to pay for many years to come. It is nice to dream and want all of these expensive things but someone has to pay for it all in the end. With new buildings, comes new staff, maintenance, etc. Where is it going to end? People are tired of the never-ending additional taxes and expenses, as Doug Ford's election to Premier of Ontario has clearly shown.
pc  ( June 8, 2018)
It would be nice to have people who don't own businesses in town run for council.