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Now that the provincial election is over are you looking forward to electing a new Kenora city council and mayor in October?
No   31     42%
Yes   43     58%
 Total Votes: 74

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UPFRONT COMPLAINERS????  ( June 13, 2018)
Spit out my coffee reading that one? Check the number of deputations and the content of same made to Council. Oh, unless your definition of upfront is commenting anomously on polls, or coffee shop talk. Talk is always cheap, anonymous talk, cheaper.
Cynical in Kenora  ( June 13, 2018)
I would like to see all governments live within their means and all taxpayers stop demanding the government fund your latest cause du jour.
JMC  ( June 12, 2018)
At least the so called complainers are up front with their concerns and issues. They do not sneak around like the silent ones who seem to have a direct dial to whomever.
my voting philosophy  ( June 12, 2018)
There will always be those that complain and yet not try to be part of the solution. There will also be councilors that do not engage with the community and carry their part of the load or offer real alternatives to problems for consideration. They will very often vote without forethought (trying not to make enemies). Showing up does not a councilor make! That just wastes a seat in the room, cripples the team and makes them all look bad. We need a council free of fence sitters and that have no outside influences or loyalties. We need someone that can make the hard choices for the well being of the community as a whole. I will be voting for candidates that have no outside conflict and have displayed the ability to consider the big picture and consequences of actions. I don't think we need a new council, but we do need to clear out some dead wood to make council more effective.
snow mexican  ( June 11, 2018)
I would like to see the people that regularly comment on this board to run for council. They seem to have all the answers for everything.
Hartley  ( June 11, 2018)
Since my sewer and water charges are now higher than my Hydro costs, I have to ask what is wrong with this picture?
Yes we need a new council. However there are a lot of people out there that would rather complain than run for council and see what it is actually like and how the town's hands are tied when it comes to doing anything.
We need a moratorium on spending. Do only what we can afford. It seems like we are always waiting for some level of government to bail us out.
As far as an expanded rec center. Don't need it, can't afford it. This should be put on the next ballot so that it can be put to sleep !
John  ( June 11, 2018)
We need people to run for council, seems to be slim pickings for a real change, Where are all the complainers?They should run for council to make changes.
Katerina  ( June 9, 2018)
Time to move out the left wing big people's tax money spenders in Kenora next!
pk  ( June 9, 2018)
I would hope that whoever is the next mayor and council will look a little harder for bringing in a business that will help pay taxes. I think it wrong that citizens end up paying such high property taxes. Also our water bills should not have to be raised so high to cover other projects.
JD  ( June 8, 2018)
Not really!! Other than a few new faces,it will be business as usual. Tax the taxpayer( cash cows) and try to get a new ice sheet at the Rec Centre.
Cash Cows can't afford it, town doesn't need it!!