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Do you think the Kenora-Rainy River riding is well represented by the four candidates running for MPP in the June 7 election?
No   44     59%
Yes   30     41%
 Total Votes: 74

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that guy  ( June 6, 2018)
I have made my decision. Happy Elections!
Cynical in Kenora  ( June 5, 2018)
In one of the NDP ads it is stated that Ford is going to cut hospitals and schools. 28,000 nurses, 36 hospitals and 20 per cent of teachers. This is in response to Ford's talk of cutting waste and balancing the budget. The NDP went way beyond a straw man argument. Calling it a lie is too kind. It's malevolent at the very least.
Pk  ( June 5, 2018)
Al if you are going to believe the NDP propaganda about job and hospital closers you should also listen to how much the NDP will raise taxes and price of gas.
Cynical in Kenora  ( June 4, 2018)
There's a fourth candidate in this riding? Well, at least one has experience and the proven ability to support the riding.
George   ( June 4, 2018)
Hospital cuts, school closures... the NDP is the only choice left. Go Archer go.
al  ( June 4, 2018)
Do you really think the PCs are going to help northern Ontario? I don't think so. The Liberals have put us deeper in the hole again, NDP are not trustworthy. Who is there to vote for?
egk  ( June 3, 2018)
The only candidate who will help us is Greg Rickford the others have their own agenda and it'ss a costly one for taxpayers.
p.k  ( June 2, 2018)
I know from past experience that Mr. Rickford can do the job. It's hard to form an opinion when the others are new and politically unknown.
Hartley  ( June 1, 2018)
Only one of the candidates running has any experience. That means a lot, when you look at the sad state of affairs in our once great province. Just get out and vote! If you don't, then don't complain about the outcome.