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Do you think approval by city council of a 2.56 per cent tax rate increase for 2018 is justified?
No   93     81%
Yes   22     19%
 Total Votes: 115

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If you donít attend the budget meetings, (nobody does) and you donít ask to see the budget (nobody does) your financial analysis and comments only demonstrate your ignorance.
Rod Bergman  ( May 29, 2018)
In October we all have a chance to change how the city is run. Get out and vote and make a change. Out with the old and in with the new.
Greg B.  ( May 28, 2018)
It is nice to think the council has our best interests in mind at budget time. There are still too many managers, too many employees and poor supervision.
Add to that the idea of adding another ice surface. The current one in no way recovers enough revenue to pay for itself. Hence a second one will require more taxpayer (cash cows) support.
Residential ratepayers are still shouldering too much of the tax burden and are not getting value for their dollars!
JMC  ( May 28, 2018)
I know you have to be careful what you wish for. I can hardly wait till Oct. 22.
big george   ( May 25, 2018)
l notice in the 2018 city budget $4million dollars was set aside for the new ARTS building l was under the impression that 2,5 mil was supposed to be private donations out ofthe 4million dollar cost something doesn.t add up......just how much is this building that we DO NOT need going to cost and where is the senor governments partof the funding you wonder why your taxes are going up there,s another wasteful reason...........
Robert  ( May 25, 2018)
It concerns me how are Municipal, Provincial and Federal government's waste our tax dollars. It is also time to restructure our current Municipal tax levy that is based on property assessment. Why should I pay more or less Municipal Tax than my neighbour for the same services that are provided to all homeowners.
Curious George  ( May 25, 2018)
Does anyone know how much debt the City of Kenora carries? Also how much interest does the city pay yearly to service that debt?
mike  ( May 24, 2018)
When you hire at least one new employee every week someone has to pay for it? Add $ 2 million for a bridge... someone has to pay for it. You're right; the local tax payers... and the spending just goes on.
pc  ( May 24, 2018)
Isn't infastructure covered under the sewer water rate increases every year at 5% increase maybe im wrong?
Josie  ( May 24, 2018)
It is hard to say if the increase is justified since all property assessments are going up each year which means more money in the City's coffers, so the actual dollar figure a homeowner has to pay is also increasing dramatically. Unless one sees the budget to see where the spending is, we will never really know if the City is running a tight financial ship. Since the City is top heavy in management and Council has seen fit to fork over another $250,000 for a study for the Rec Centre, I tend to doubt they are really watching the spending.