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Have you decided which candidate or political party you will be voting for in the June 7 provincial election?
No   19     26%
Yes   55     74%
 Total Votes: 74

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snow mexican  ( May 23, 2018)
It's easy to figure out that this comment board is always occupied by Conservative supporters.
egk  ( May 22, 2018)
it,s a no brainer vote Liberal or NDP and more taxes and fees.
JD  ( May 20, 2018)
It was an easy choice. After being under an inept Liberal government for a decade, to me Conservative is the way to go.
Our candidate had an excellent record as an MP, so electing him as our MPP is a no brainer. I still remember the NDP reign of error. Can't get Rae Days out of my craw. If I wanted to waste my vote I would vote Green. They are so two faced. Promoting good environmental stewardship, yet depending on fossil fuels to get their word out.
Kim  ( May 19, 2018)
Dont be a looser, get out and Vote.
Jack  ( May 18, 2018)
The one thing I have decided with complete certainty is that I will never, ever again vote for a liberal representative either provincially or federally.
pk  ( May 17, 2018)
No matter who is Premier my confidence is with Mr. Rickford. He did well for us Federally and I'm sure he will do well for us Provincially.
Pete  ( May 16, 2018)
Once again i beleive not one of these candidates will do anything for Northern Ontario; a lot of promises with the same outcoimes - feed Southern Ontario.