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What do you consider to be the issue of most importance to Northerners voting in the 2018 Ontario election?
Economy   25     25%
Health   41     41%
Infrastructure   14     14%
Leadership   20     20%
 Total Votes: 100

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Kenora proud  ( May 15, 2018)
Conservatives Doug Ford and Greg Rickford believe that hate and negativity will get them elected! They have revealed no specific plan. Does Ontario really want this kind of government? Get serious!
Dan  ( May 10, 2018)
The Health of our Economy is the number one issue. Without economic growth, there can be no improvement in social conditions, they are one and the same. The government doesn't create wealth, it is supported by the economy at large- which is the accumulative effort of Ontarians working - which immediately improves your own condition and supports your family.
pk  ( May 9, 2018)
I think if you have good leadership the others fall into place.
Jack  ( May 9, 2018)
Every issue flows from leadership of lack thereof.
The sad state of Ontario today is directly related
to the leadership of Wynne and McGuinty.
Policies initiated by these two premiers
have turned Ontario from a have province into a have NOT province during their tenure.