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Do you think removing the provincial tax from gasoline prices to lower the cost for consumers should be an issue in the 2018 Ontario election?
No   42     46%
Yes   50     54%
 Total Votes: 92

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Gus  ( May 8, 2018)
How come the price of fuel on a Self-Serve gas station is the same as a Full-Service station. Wasn't the introduction of Self-Serve stations in the 70s to result in lower prices? It is not capitalism, it is greed.
Jack  ( May 7, 2018)
Just to clarify the comment re: Ontario's debt. Total Ontario debt is approximately $350 billion which currently costs Ontario $12 billion dollars per year in interest on that debt. Of course this amount will easily double or triple when interest rates rise to a more historically normal level such as six or eight percent.
Cynical in Kenora  ( May 7, 2018)
The only way out of this crisis the Liberals put us in is to cut spending and maximize revenues. Sad but true. There is no other way. Hopefully the new government will commit to reducing taxation after the debt is under control.
Jack  ( May 5, 2018)
Ontario under Liberal leadership doesn't have
a revenue problem. it has a bigtime spending problem that needs to be reduced. The question I have is how is Wynne going to pay much higher borrowing costs on Ontario's bloated debt when interest rates rise which is inevitable? Ontario's credit card is maxed out.
Al  ( May 5, 2018)
It does not matter if they remove that tax do you really think we will not get taxed for something else.
Jimbo  ( May 4, 2018)
We're going to need all the taxes we can get. The province owes over $12 billion. To boot, the Wyne government just gave up taxing sovereignty for forestry and mining royalties! We're in real trouble in this province, the Liberals have sealed our third world fate.
Rick  ( May 3, 2018)
Why would you eliminate the tax? The oil companies will just raise the price anyway and then we get absolutely no benefit.
pk  ( May 3, 2018)
They might as well remove it, they sure aren't using it for the intended purpose.
JD  ( May 3, 2018)
While it would be nice, that revenue would have to be replaced somehow. No doubt, with another tax. One reduction that would help is eliminating the "CarbonTax". That is just a tax to gouge us more and by the way you pay HST on that tax. A tax on a tax!
Still undecided  ( May 2, 2018)
I don't believe we can afford to remove the provincial tax if it is being dedicated to road maintenance as a "road tax" it is intended to be used. I do however think that the rising gas and fuel prices subsequently give the province a much higher tax income when levied as a percentage. (I don't see the roads getting maintained any better.) For this reason we pay more in transportation costs which also effects our food and other goods pricing. We have greater distances between communities and from suppliers than most. If the tax rate was a stable fee per liter whether gasoline or diesel then the fuel cost would be less and more stable. Don't get me started on heating fuel taxes and how that effects families trying to make it through winters that the more temperate parts of the province (or country) do not have to deal with. I think it's time to reconfigure the methods of arriving at these taxes to equalize the effect on all citizens of the same country.