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Do you think the official retirement age should be increased from 65 to 67?
No   99     84%
Yes   19     16%
 Total Votes: 118

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JD  ( April 29, 2018)
Remember the good old days of "Freedom 55"? Well they seem to be long gone. Raising the retirement age to 67 wouldn't make a difference at all. What needs to change is the discriminatory forced income at 65. If people want to work beyond 65 , let em! Due to high taxes, cost of living and the inability to save for retirement, many at 65 still need to work.
bob  ( April 28, 2018)
It should be 60.
pk  ( April 27, 2018)
I don't think the age should be raised but I do believe you shouldn't collect if you are still working at a full time job.
Al  ( April 27, 2018)
There are less jobs for the young as it is part time and minimum wage jobs are not good enough. No one wants to work for peanuts in this town; prices out weigh the cost of living. A lot of older people should pick-up the part time jobs that will help top up pensions leave the full time jobs for the younger people.
pc  ( April 26, 2018)
I think full Canada pension should kick in at 57 and old age at 60, by that age people have worked long enough. Make room for younger generation
Paula  ( April 25, 2018)
Only for anyone working for the government with a full pension - thats police, municipal, teachers, provincial, all of them. We are dead broke in Ontario, the Liberals are lying about the deficit, its not $6 billion, its $11 billion. What a mess we're in. We can't afford these kind of benefits while the majority of the population has no pension or benefits and are paid far less.
John  ( April 25, 2018)
it seems to me that they want to raise the age because they cannot get anyone to work for peanuts. The young people do not want anything to do with the minimum wage or a couple hours a day so I have a brainwave: force the older people to work longer.