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Do you think Kenora is a more prosperous community today compared to 10 years ago?
No   109     79%
Yes   29     21%
 Total Votes: 138

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dl  ( April 11, 2018)
Housing is out of reach for young adults who are starting out from graduating and also carry a school debt. Kenora was fun years ago, weekend entertainment with bands coming into town all the time. There used to be five or six night clubs for meeting up with friends. Drive through Kenora friday night at 10 p.m., it's like a ghost town. Kenora wants to be a boating destination, but you can't drive through town with a truck and boat trailer because the streets are too narrow and you will run over the sidewalks when trying to turn at the intersections. Not the best town planning.
al  ( April 10, 2018)
Look around town: streets are terrible stores closed, places up for rent prices of gas etc. are out of this world. I am just making it on my pension. Tell me if we are better off I don't think so. This council has run this town in debt so bad we will never get out. People are starting to leave again because we cannot afford to live here.
ky  ( April 9, 2018)
I have a feeling that free provincial government money (all borrowed) is going to dry up, real estate values are going to drop, interest rate will increase, and we'll see a lot of money leave the area. Northwestern Ontario survives on southern Ontario subsidies and we all want to be politically correct and not work for ourselves. We're not hungry enough, eating out of someone else's food dish.
My Kenora  ( April 7, 2018)
Contrary to what the weekly "no brigade" might think, I believe that Kenora has a promising future. We have survived the paper mill closure, reopened a lumber mill and created tourism opportunities. Yes, people are still struggling. But they deserve much more respect than the negative ninnies that often write on this page.
p.k  ( April 6, 2018)
Personally I do not feel more prosperous, my wages have gone down and costs, utilities and taxes have gone up drastically.
Greg B.  ( April 6, 2018)
If the town were more prosperous, the residential taxpayer (cash cows) would not be paying a higher percentage of the municipal taxes than the commercial sector! If you look at all the good paying jobs in town, they are based on either federal, provincial or municipal tax dollars. Where do you think the money comes from for police, hospital, teachers, seniors care and native services? All from the tax payer. Within Kenora there is a high percentage of fixed income residents. Either retirees or those on social assistance. Not a sign of prosperity!
dl  ( April 5, 2018)
We were in a recession 10 years ago. How quickly people forget.
egk  ( April 5, 2018)
Property tax increases 100 per cent, sewer and water up 100 per cent business closing down. Yes, we are prospering...
JD  ( April 5, 2018)
Where do I start? The high paid paper mill jobs are gone. The town has an aging population on fixed incomes. The streets are horrible. The hoards of people loitering around the beer and liquor store are growing, the mall is tiny and almost vacant. Most new jobs are minimum wage or slightly higher. The saw mill and Truss Joist are going to get caught up in a trade war, which probably means downtime. There are vacant buildings downtown, houses in disrepair and some apartment buildings that are more of an eyesore than anything. Once you get past Main Street there isn't a lot to see and very little to do.