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Do think with Doug Ford as party leader will improve the prospects for the Ontario Progressive Conservatives to win the June election?
No   81     63%
Yes   48     37%
 Total Votes: 129

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mike  ( March 20, 2018)
have noticed Catherine Wynne is trying to scare Ontario again if she's not voted in. We have a bigger deficit than Trudeau and people just don't see this. It's hard to believe there are less tax payers in Ontario than people who voted her in. Sad.
Big lake  ( March 20, 2018)
Do voters really want Doug Ford and Tanya Granic Allen running Ontario? He's already torn up his own party's platform and offers nothing but bumper sticker slogans in its place. As education minister, Granic Allen would surely close any school that won't conform to her fundamentalism. Ontario, please choose carefully!
  ( March 20, 2018)
Selling booze and pot at corner stores and laying off a whack of Government workers. Sounds like a solid fiscal plan to me.
egk  ( March 19, 2018)
Ford is known in the GTA that's where it counts. The left are scared of him. Christine Elliott is now a three time loser so forget her. It's time we have a government that has a smaller deficit than the federal Liberals under Mr. (Trudeau). Time for a change. No one can be worse for taxpayers than the Liberals. Time for the tax payers vote to count.
JD  ( March 15, 2018)
Definitely!! That being said, Mr. Ford has to realize that Ontario does not stop at the edge of the GTA. We have had enough of that. Northern Ontario needs the same representation as the south. Another bright note is the fact we have Greg Rickford running in our riding. With his expertise and experience, he could very well get a cabinet position. Nice to see an end coming to the liberals reign of error.
pk  ( March 15, 2018)
With Mr. Rickford elected here and Mr. Ford as Premier I can see Ontario rising again. Mr. Ford sounds like he will represent all people and Mr.Rickford did a fantastic job as a MP.