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Do you agree that lowering the voting age to 16 in Ontario is a good way to engage young people in the political process?
No   115     75%
Yes   38     25%
 Total Votes: 153

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Bradford  ( March 12, 2018)
Just a transparent attempt to gain votes. It's not going to help though. People of all ages have woke up to how bad our PM is.
al  ( March 11, 2018)
Wwhy not let them vote? Can't be any worse than who you voted in. The country cannot seem to get voters to the polls, this is what they think will do it
Go youth!  ( March 9, 2018)
I would agree with Cynical in Kenora that there are already too many low-information voters, but I have met many 16-year-olds who are much more informed and mature than some people who regularly respond to this comments section.
JD  ( March 9, 2018)
At the age of 16, kids today do not have the knowledge of,or maturity to decide something as important as who to vote for. Unless schools step up education in Current Events or Canadian History, these kids will never have the knowledge.
Cynical in Kenora  ( March 8, 2018)
I think there are already too many low information voters. Which political party benefits the most from low-info voters?
pk  ( March 7, 2018)
I am not knocking 16 year olds but I think from my own experience that I would have voted for the party that promised marijuana legalization, $15 minimum wage, free pharma care for young people. Those issues might not be too bad but there are many more important things in running a province.