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Do you think high schools currently provide students with enough opportunities to train for jobs in the skilled trades?
No   55     59%
Yes   38     41%
 Total Votes: 93

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old tradesman  ( February 26, 2018)
Part of the lack interest in the trades has to fall on the governments with the lack of funding for business to sponsor or hire apprentices, as former tradesman I can tell you what their missing in a good honest day of hard work, maybe the old work ethic we had instilled in us has gone for ever.
pk  ( February 24, 2018)
I don't think schools prepare people for life after school at all. Most of life experiences come after you get out of school. I took an apprenticeship but it was in a different trade than the shop I majored in at school.
Temp  ( February 24, 2018)
There are opportunities everywhere if a kid in high school wants to get into a trade. Employers would love to get a keen young mind interested in their line of work. Howabout a co-op placement or apprenticeship?
JD  ( February 23, 2018)
My experiences back in the 60s prepared me for a life working hands on, with tools. A very lucrative career.
I have a nephew that is a Power Engineer, with tickets in pipe fitting and refrigeration. He makes over $90,000.00 a year before overtime! No not in Alberta. His sister has an expensive Liberal Arts degree, a ton of student loans and currently works for minimum wage! It is how well you are prepared, it is what you are prepared for.
Russ  ( February 23, 2018)
Seriously now. Can someone please enlighten me as to where these 'skilled trades' jobs are?
BSS  ( February 23, 2018)
Education in the high school is fine for the students. The issue begins when you start to deal with Ontario College of trades. To get a ticket you must go to college, have hours, have a sponsor (job) and then write the exam. Most of these people are hands on and do the jobs very well, but you add an exam and they are done! Why not help these students to succeed. Ontario College of Trades needs to change the format to help the students. This is why we are short of trades people in Ontario. This is another of many areas Ontario is behind in!
Josie  ( February 23, 2018)
Not only do the schools need to increase the training for trades but they also need to look at bringing back Home Economics. A course on finances would go a long way to helping young people to learn how to handle any funds they do get. Going to University today is no guarantee that you will get a well paying job when you are finished so trades are the key to getting people of all ages a good paying and possibly a permanent job.
Al  ( February 22, 2018)
I am over 60 and there was a good program when i went to school. It only got better. Kids today do not want to work as I have. They want to sit and use their brains rather than manually work. Look around at the jobs available. The kids don't want them, they want to do everything out of a chair.