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Are you enthusiastic about the performance of Team Canada so far at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in PyeongChang, South Korea?
No   36     42%
Yes   49     58%
 Total Votes: 85

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Josie  ( February 21, 2018)
I think the athletes have done Canada proud. They have tried and are still trying their best under pressure and have come through. There is talk about adding video games to the mix in the future, which I think is ridiculous. There is no real output of energy when one is sitting looking at a screen. It is great that our Canadians do not rely on drugs to give them a boost. The Olympics is not the place for cheaters.
C.  ( February 20, 2018)
What's up with the hockey announcing? Why does it take two announcers who seem to talk about everything accept who has the puck?
JD  ( February 16, 2018)
It is the Olympics!! The over priced, politicized and drug ridden games.