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Do you support community campaigns such as the Week of Action as a way to reduce poverty and homelessness in Kenora?
No   80     38%
Yes   130     62%
 Total Votes: 210

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Jennifer McKibbon  ( February 9, 2018)
Not sure how one justifies a 'No' answer to this question. Is WAAP alone the best or strongest way to reduce poverty? Perhaps not but in the absence of real concrete action on the part of government to lift our most vulnerable citizens out of poverty, all efforts to increase awareness and spur community action are worthwhile.
Nan Normand  ( February 9, 2018)
Community campaigns raise awareness which is the first step towards changing attitudes-look at the benefits that campaigns about breast cancer. More people are aware of the issues. More check for cancer and donate to research which results in earlier intervention and better treatment options.
Paula  ( February 8, 2018)
No, I have doner fatigue...