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Do you support community campaigns such as the Week of Action as a way to reduce poverty and homelessness in Kenora?
No   80     38%
Yes   130     62%
 Total Votes: 210

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  ( February 14, 2018)
Homeless or choose not to go home?
big george   ( February 13, 2018)
The homeless and poverty problem was dropped on Kenora and now we have to look after it to bad others can,t take on their own responsibilities.
Dillon  ( February 12, 2018)
I suppose it makes the people running and participating in these events "feel good". However after a few years, nothing has changed. Seems to be more homeless, street people and transients.
It is a no win situation.
al  ( February 12, 2018)
I believe there is enough jobs out there that people can work, A lot of these people do not want to, I struggled my way also but did whatever it took to better myself. It is too easy to get handouts, check around this town you can see who are homeless many looking for their next fix
Paula  ( February 11, 2018)
I support everyone, that works and does their best to support themselves and provides for their family.
What would happen if we stopped supporting free loaders though, if good people saw that individuals were not doing enough for themselves?
Grateful  ( February 11, 2018)
Thank you to the dedicated people who are working to fight homelessness and poverty in Kenora!
Gail Row  ( February 10, 2018)
Awareness of the issues related to poverty and homelessness is vital to building empathy and understanding. We’re all in this together as a community. Awareness helps each of us to recognize what our part is in finding a solution.
Richard D  ( February 9, 2018)
The constant enabling in this town like providing hot meals does nothing to reduce poverty and homelessness. It gives people a reason to be homeless. Giving and helping makes us feel good as it should but does not address any of the issues. People will continue to take what is given when offered, but unless ownership and responsibility for their own situation is forced on them the cycle will not end.
Theresa J  ( February 9, 2018)
Week of Action Against Poverty is important here in Kenora as it puts the issue, the elephant in the room right in the face of Jack and Jill public. Regardless of your race, stature, job or creed poverty is a reality here. The important word is not poverty but ACTION. What action will you do to help others in need? Are you in a position to donate money, time, resources? Are you in a position to provide affordable housing or a paying job to someone no one else has given such opportunity to? What ACTION can you say made a difference in how you view the poor in our community?
JD  ( February 9, 2018)
It is more of throwing good money after bad. Every year it is the same, yet nothing changes. It is nice to donate to events that actually make a change. Getting too expensive to live here, so my donations have become pretty minimal.