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Have you decided which political candidate or party you will support in the 2018 Ontario election?
No   32     30%
Yes   73     70%
 Total Votes: 105

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Cynical in Kenora  ( February 4, 2018)
Political parties have become like religions. It doesn't matter how corrupt they are, people make excuses and hope things get better within the party. But they'll never "switch religions" no matter how ridiculous things get.
brad rosdoobutko  ( February 3, 2018)
I will be supporting none of the above. They represent their party not the constituants. They do as their leader tells them to do. Not what is good for the riding, province etc. The party system needs to go. Candidates run for election to represent the riding. Bad ideas get voted down. Period
Chris  ( February 2, 2018)
Does it really matter. We live in "No mans land." All parties will promise things like highway twinning, infrastructure funding or tax breaks, yet after the election we fade into the distance. We haven't had good representation since the Hon. Leo Bernier. Ahh! The good old days.
Josie  ( February 2, 2018)
We have to get rid of Wynne.
Greg Rickford worked hard when he was with the federal government and will do the same for us again. Sarah is retiring so every one needs to vote for someone who knows the system and who will work on our behalf.
Gus  ( February 2, 2018)
I would vote for the Marijuana Party but since they no longer exist I'll vote for the Northern Ontario Party.
k9  ( February 1, 2018)
Another provincial election that'll be handed to the Liberals thanks to the mess that is the Conservative party. What a ridiculous bunch the Conservatives have become, total disarray at all levels. Prediction, the Liberals will easily win another majority and the Kenora riding won't see any benefits.
concerned citizen  ( January 31, 2018)
Anyone other than Wynne (Liberal)!
pk  ( January 31, 2018)
I definitely know it won't be Liberal, NDP, or Green.
JD  ( January 31, 2018)
Anyone but Liberal or NDP. Had enough already!!