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Do you think approval by city council to merge Kenora hydro with the Thunder Bay hydro utility was the correct decision?
No   39     64%
Yes   22     36%
 Total Votes: 61

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If it sounds too good to be true...it probably is  ( January 22, 2018)
Totally agree with PKs comment on (amalgamation) merger. What a disaster that was! Total loss for Jaffray Melick residents. We lost our once dependable services, our voice since there is no one in council to represent this area and look after our needs, even our phone numbers have been eliminated from the Kenora telephone directory. We did however gain a great deal in that merger - an enormous tax increase!
pk again  ( January 22, 2018)
If the merger of Kenora and Thunder Bay hydro works out the same as the merger of Jaffrey Melick and Town of Kenora then we could be in trouble.
Tim Francis  ( January 22, 2018)
They had no choice. Merge, and hope you have a say on day to day operations. Don't merge, get taken over and have little to no say.
paul  ( January 20, 2018)
Most merges don't work we end up paying more in the long run
Josie  ( January 19, 2018)
With Dave Sinclair of Kenora Hydro at the helm negotiating for Kenora, I have no doubt that he got us the best deal he could. I have a lot of faith in his skills. He would not do anything to put Kenora in jeopardy.
pk  ( January 17, 2018)
It's a hard question to answer yes or no to. If it's a benefit to all involved, saves money for both and helps electricity prices go down then yes.
JD  ( January 17, 2018)
How are we to know until it is too late. We haven't seen any facts or figures to show whether this is good for customers or not. This is a case of council saying it is good for us, so shut up and live with it.