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Are you optimistic 2018 will be a prosperous year for the community of Kenora and its residents?
No   71     75%
Yes   24     25%
 Total Votes: 95

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sr  ( January 2, 2018)
When the city can spend $3.3 million for a road across the mall parking lot and we already have one pass the post office it makes a person wonder if this town has a hidden cash supply. Use the money to lower taxes etc.
Pete  ( December 31, 2017)
How can you be optimistic. This town is running us to poverty levels: taxes, gasoline, water rates, hydro etc. are killing us pensioners. We are struggling to keep our homes when is this going to stop? We worked all our lives to try and retire and we can't.
Bryce  ( December 29, 2017)
Since the commercial sector in town still pays a lot less tax revenue than the residential class (yet demands all the service) there is not a lot of optimism in Kenora.
With the cost of policing going up, another money grab in the name of sewer and water, higher taxes and poor city service, this town is in trouble. There are a lot of residents on fixed incomes. Either retirees or those on social assistance. You can see the homes around town not being repaired or maintained due to the lack of disposable income. Sad! Some see optimism in the arrival of a casino. I doubt that. Some people will get rich, a lot will lose their shirts and crime will rise. Forget about tax revenue. The government will locate it in an area near town, that doesn't pay property tax. Pandering at its finest.
new year  ( December 29, 2017)
It's always nice to start the new year with a sense of optimism and hope, but its hard when reality sets in with the increases in utilities, gasoline. Let's remain positive and try to carry on.
Dl  ( December 29, 2017)
I avoid paying city taxes by not buying any property. This allows me to have extra cash available for a new toy once in a while, such as a snowmobile, and still use city services!
Kim  ( December 28, 2017)
I guess what we call prosperous is a personal view point. Living in a remote community, working, food on the table, warm clothes and house, loved ones with you is prosperity. If you can't even provide for yourself, especially your choice, it's misery and you have no one to blame but yourself. My comments is to provide for your family, set a good example and contribute.
AL  ( December 28, 2017)
Look around: it sucks with the way prices are goin, the water rates are absolute nonsense. There is no way that this should happen. Big cities do not pay as much and they don't even have water nearby. This council has spent all the money we have and then some and now are taking it out on tax payers.
pk  ( December 28, 2017)
I hate to be pesamistic but I don't think it will be as prosperous. Taxes utilities and prices are all going up and most don't get wage increases to keep up. I also think the increase in minimum wage will add to the problem as prices will increase accordingly, so people getting the raise stay the same and those that don't fall behind.
JD  ( December 27, 2017)
Let's start with water rates going up yet again. The high price of gasoline and diesel driving up food prices.
Hard to be optimistic!