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Do you feel that the Spirit of Christmas is alive and well in Kenora?
No   47     60%
Yes   31     40%
 Total Votes: 78

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C.  ( December 26, 2017)
The ice candle group did a very good job at the cemetery.
However it may be time to have no vehicle access on Christmas Eve. The driving of vehicles in there is getting out of control.
concerned citizen  ( December 26, 2017)
The Clarion in Lakeside looks very festive. Thumbs up to the staff and management for the 'Merry Christmas' sign on the roof and the décor! Kenora looks dead on Main Street with no lights. Thank goodness we had the tree! We are losing what Christmas is all about in Kenora. "Happy Holidays.. no it is "Merry Christmas!"
Paula  ( December 24, 2017)
Kenora does a wonderful job. It's the attitude of everyone or most people that brings out the goodwill and spirit of the season. We are a lucky little town on the edge of the barren frozen, boreal forest. We have carved out a nice little place here, our spirited little town.
Buenos  ( December 24, 2017)
The true spirit of Christmas died years ago. What I see in my travels are parents maxing out credit cards so that their kids have the "Gift of the Day". It is sad that in the name of Christ, people have to compete for the best gift, no matter what the cost. But, I digress. What happened to all the lights that used to be downtown? Not only that, if you drive around the town, there are a lot fewer homes decorated.
JD  ( December 22, 2017)
Yes it is a Merry Christmas in Kenora. Don't be like sheep and go along with what people refer to as "politically correct". However a big Humbug to the city. I see our water rates are going up again! Everyone was so concerned about being ripped of with hydro costs. The real thief lives right here in Kenora!
Just curious  ( December 22, 2017)
Why were electrical outlets installed at each downtown tree? Was it not to light up at Christmas to make things look festive? Then why spend taxpayer money to install these if they're not being used? Will they be lit during the summer? We who paid for it can't enjoy it at Christmas but let's dish out more money for the tourists to enjoy. What else is new?
Santa Talk  ( December 21, 2017)
Most residents I find embrace the Christmas season and do their best to promote goodwill. However, the City? What a poor excuse for the season, no Christmas lights on any of the Main street trees or utility poles. What ever happened to the lights that used to go diagonally from pole to pole on Main street?
pk  ( December 20, 2017)
I say yes but it bothers me that our Kenora wishes can't say Merry Christmas but we have to go with the politically correct happy holidays.