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Should municipalities receive a share of provincial revenues to offset costs associated with marijuana legalization?
No   21     24%
Yes   68     76%
 Total Votes: 89

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bob  ( December 19, 2017)
No one should get anything, all they have to do is legalize it with some provisions. That is it why this is becoming so complicated. Only in Canada I guess.
Josie  ( December 19, 2017)
In reading the voting numbers, I am more than a little puzzled as to why anyone would vote against sharing in revenues gleaned from marijuana sales when the municipality is going to have to deal with the problems associated with its use. Maybe a 'no' voter can explain their viewpoint.
mike  ( December 19, 2017)
Bob Nault must be proud. Next year he will be part of the biggest drug organization in the world. If you think you have crime in Kenora wait till they bring in this law.
pete  ( December 15, 2017)
They should receive the brunt of the money. but of course you voted the Liberals in they have always stuck it to us.
pk  ( December 14, 2017)
Definitely municipalities should get a fair share of the tax. they will be the ones responsible for looking after the problems if there are any. I think the Liberals have already spent the perceived revenue and there is probably none left to share.
Josie  ( December 14, 2017)
Of course the municipality should receive a share of the revenues from marijuana sales. It will be the municipalities that will bear the brunt of the new legislation when it comes to policing, health care costs and social issues. I have that no doubt the communities will be picking up part of the tab too and it will fall on the backs of the ordinary taxpayers as usual. We all know how the province handles their cost sharing.
JD  ( December 14, 2017)
Since the municipalities will shoulder the brunt of the cost of enforcement, policing and treatment, they should get most of the revenue. The other choice is for the Feds and province to pay for policing and all the social costs that are going to amass. Another example of government sticking it to the average tax payer.