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Do you prefer to read the Lake of the Woods Enterprise news articles, columns and feature stories in the newspaper or on the Daily Miner and News website?
Newspaper   74     76%
Website   24     24%
 Total Votes: 98

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ELAINE  ( December 1, 2017)
I like the newspaper, some seniors don't have computers.
web reader  ( December 1, 2017)
If the Enterprise were to cancel its paper copy it could use the savings to assign reporters to real investigative stories.
JD  ( December 1, 2017)
Definitely the Newspaper. Good puzzles. It also gives a few people something to do when they are out delivering them. In the Valley Drive area we have two brothers who get the papers out, no matter what the weather is like or the roads plowed.
Tim Francis  ( November 30, 2017)
The Enterprise is only good for wrapping the flyers in. You don't need a newspaper if all it presents is sourced articles and press releases, you can find those anywhere.
And what's with the countless front pages featuring the 'farmers market'? Is Town Hall pulling the strings, or is there really nothing else you guys can report on?
No one should be surprised when the parent company shutters the door on the Enterprise, weak reporting and no interest in garnering stories will surely seal its fate, as well it should.
pk  ( November 29, 2017)
I like the Enterprise in paper form. You can't do the puzzles on line.