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Do you agree with the provincial government decision to legislate striking college faculty back to work?
No   19     21%
Yes   70     79%
 Total Votes: 89

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 ( November 27, 2017)
Should they be allowed to strike? Yes. Should they be allowed to strike during the school year and put their students' education at risk?. No. Mediators should have been hired to prevent this fiasco from going this far. Both sides are to blame. Allowing the government to get their hands in the situation is not the precedent we want to set here.
JD  ( November 27, 2017)
It is odd, when the students walk out or strike, it is okay. They put other students out and delay semesters.
They have yet to contribute anything to society and think their opinion matters.
Jimmy  ( November 25, 2017)
There is no way any teacher, instructor or professor should be allowed to strike, period. They are all very well compensated - some of the best in the world and they really are not pushed to do what is expected of them. But this is the environment they work in - they have the tools to take advantage of the public purse. Ontario has too many different school boards, colleges, universities to begin with. The educational system is politicized too much, just like our hydro and energy - managed on ideology that always fails. One public school board, not Catholic, General, French, English. The school board offices should be managed under one umbrella.
Josie  ( November 23, 2017)
I generally support unions if they are fair, but when the school year of paying students is affected then I agree with the law to send them back to work. The College Boards are not blameless in this situation either. They have stalled and dragged things out, knowing that in the end the provincial government would do what they did. There was absolutely no thought given to the students during this strike by either side.
pk   ( November 22, 2017)
I think the government should have done this right from the beginning. They could have gone on strike during the summer and not effected students lives. This should be considered an essential service as education is a very important part of a student's life.
john  ( November 22, 2017)
Legislating people back to work goes against anything my father and mother fought for giving us that right to strike. I am deeply saddened by this communist action. Let's go further back to the third world countries living. The government takes raises whenever they like. Nothing is done about that
concerned  ( November 22, 2017)
It is difficult to see government legislate back to work for these types of labour issues but at times this is necessary. Students are threatened with losing their year, this equates into so much more than loss of tuition. There is a potential of a years lost wages as employment following graduation is postponed a year.