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Do you agree with the proposed federal legislation allowing possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal recreational use?
No   88     63%
Yes   51     37%
 Total Votes: 139

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Dr. Proctor  ( November 22, 2017)
Although I agree that the time has come to legalize/decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal use, I still regard it as an intoxicating substance rather than a medicinal cure all for everything that ails users. It’s effect of hindering development of adolescent minds and personalities is a particular concern.
Farouk Mossad  ( November 22, 2017)
“One wonders how much longer it will be before hard drugs such as cocaine and heroin are legal? What next; prostitution?”
egk  ( November 21, 2017)
l find it hard to believe anyone would support this issue, You're going to see these legal buyers sitting outside school yards waiting for (under) age kids to buy this stuff and who knows what will be added to it. This will happen mark my words. Mr Nault you must be very proud of your leader but then you can bring Ralph Goodale; he's doing a good job keeping illegals coming into Canada.
snow mexican  ( November 19, 2017)
My brother is epileptic and smokes regularly. Bothers me he has to get it from these (illegal) dealers. He's looking forward to July 1.
STAN  ( November 18, 2017)
I believe with the advent of the federal government legalizing marijuana, you're going to see more people flocking to the appropriate governmentt office for a complete criminal erasures, in order to obtain a passport. Big deal if they okay possession of small amounts. I don't smoke it, so, it's moot to me.
Paula  ( November 18, 2017)
Great, smoking, drinking, smoking pot, gambling all here in Kenora.
pk  ( November 17, 2017)
I think it should be legalized with the same conditions put on for the selling of alcohol. If people are so inclined to use it they will do it whether it is legal or not. I smoked a bit when I was younger and never had any bad effects or urges to try harder stuff. I would do it again if edibles were legal as I will not smoke anything.