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Do you think Canadians provide enough support for our service men and women at home and on missions overseas?
No   58     73%
Yes   21     27%
 Total Votes: 79

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pk  ( November 13, 2017)
I agree with the other posters here who believe regular Canadians appreciate and are thankful for what our military has done and is doing. I believe our government has badly let them down and I'm appalled our government leaves them in the condition some are in and pays off an enemy with a $10.5 million payoff.
depleted forces  ( November 12, 2017)
We have not enough support for our forces whether it be for equipment or training and especially PTSD but we can find money to donate to the... Clinton Foundation or settling lawsuits with terrorists. Unbelievable. Justin you maybe making yourself look good on the world stage but what about the home front? Wow!
Gene  ( November 11, 2017)
One term wonder our (Prime Minister) is in the process of gutting benefits to wounded soldiers and veterans as we vote on this poll right now!
JD  ( November 10, 2017)
I am just watching an item on TV in which the government is clawing back payments to injured troops. Now, I really feel that we do NOT support our military. This is sad. We allow... illegal immigrants in, give them everything they want, yet can't look after our own. Very sad Mr. Trudeau!!
DoDa  ( November 10, 2017)
The politicians and "do gooders" do more for the immigrants coming here than they do for those people fighting to help keep our country (Canada) safe.
JD  ( November 10, 2017)
A survey a few years back, showed at that time there were at least 750 veterans homeless. A lot of these were persons who had served in Bosnia and Afghanistan.
Most of these poor souls are suffering from PTSD. They had been through hell, seen atrocities and survived battle. There is currently a bill... in Ottawa that would throw $4 million towards the problem. It may see the light of day by next April. Then there are the veterans from WW2, Korea and older Peacekeeping tours. They are elderly now, needing support and waiting for beds in supportive housing or long term care. These people gave their all for Canada. They are volunteers. The least we can do is treat them with the dignity they deserve. Sadly in too many instances, these "forgotten" choose suicide as a last desperate measure. "Lest We Forget"?
Josie  ( November 9, 2017)
I believe that Canadians, as a whole, morally support and are very thankful for our veterans, but I think the Canadian government is seriously lacking in their financial support for those who have served and helped other countries to become more democratic, free and safe. Health issues and pension concerns for veterans need to be addressed immediately.