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What local issue do you think is most in need of provincial government action?
Clean Water
 12     8%
Other   45     31%
Seniors Care   69     48%
Transportation   19     13%
 Total Votes: 145

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taxed to death  ( November 8, 2017)
I believe the number one thing that the government needs to address is getting all of these capable healthy fit people on welfare into the work force. Drug screening should be a requirement as well prior to picking up your (joke) Ontario Works!!!. I am sick to death of having so many of these people use my tax dollars to get high.
snow mexican  ( November 6, 2017)
The approval and construction of a downtown casino would address many issues such as transportation and unemployment just to name a few. Beyak supporters would be jumping up and down in glee. All restaurants and hotels would get a much needed boost during off-seasons. Profits from the casino will be given to local charities and hospital programs. A godsend.
egk  ( November 6, 2017)
Too bad the provincal government does nothing about the price of gasoline and diesel fuel in this part of the country two years ago oil was just under $100 a barrel and the gas price was the same as today with oil at $55 a barrel something wrong with this picture but more taxes for both
Liberal governments who just keep taxing and waste taxpayers' money.
ralph  ( November 5, 2017)
Taxes and gasoline prices need to be addressed nothing but excuses from the government all they are doing is trying to make up for the careless spending of our tax dollars and giving us shady excuses.
Jimmy  ( November 5, 2017)
The biggest issue for the region is trying to encourage people to work and that, more than anything will decrease dependance, help individuals gain self respect, encourage healing and, and...provide for their families!
pk  ( November 4, 2017)
I think health care is seriously under funded. I recently experienced having to pay out of pocket for a family member's hospital stay. Why should people who are waiting for long term care have to pay for the stay in hospital?
Josie  ( November 3, 2017)
With the coming of new rental units in Kenora for seniors which will help to ease the apartment shortage, attention needs to be focused on long term care as there is a desperate need for these accommodations right across the province. When someone has a long stay in the hospital due to a shortage of beds at either Pinecrest or Birchwood and they are told they have to pay the daily rate at the hospital, it can be extremely upsetting, especially for those who do not have the financial means to do so. It is time more effort was put into bringing forward new spaces for those in dire need.
john  ( November 3, 2017)
The rising costs of taxes, food, gasoline, hydro. water etc. is putting a hugh burden on seniors. they are being forced out of their homes with little places to go.
JD  ( November 1, 2017)
Any new party that is going to govern Ontario needs to act swiftly to control energy costs. Perhaps then companies would return to the province.
Secondly there needs to be action taken on items such as twinning the highway from the border ,across Northern Ontario. There needs to be an honest recognition of Northern Ontario. We are NOT "no mans land". We are a pert of Ontario with unique issues and a small population.