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Do you think Kenora is a more prosperous community today than it was 10 years ago in 2007?
No   107     86%
Yes   18     14%
 Total Votes: 125

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Fed up with Mayor and Council  ( October 18, 2017)
What we are experiencing in Kenora is a transfer of wealth from homeowners to the local private sector. The city has established several funds that benefit the private sector, these are likely the people voting "yes". Property taxes are supposed to be used for maintaining water and sewer, roads and snow removal. The question is, where are these 85% at election time?
V.F.  ( October 18, 2017)
Having lived here all my life, I have yet to see when we really flourished financially. If J.M. taxes keep going up, people might start moving The paper mill had a lot to do with that. I to would like to hear from those who voted Yes.
egk  ( October 17, 2017)
How can anyone say we are better off in Kenora now than10 years ago? We lost about a 1,000 jobs, taxes are up 200 per cent in Jaffrey Melick.
dazed and confused  ( October 17, 2017)
I voted No to this poll question but I am curious to hear from someone who voted Yes. Perhaps you can explain to us how Kenora is more prosperous today? Definition of prosperous - successful in material terms, flourishing financially, economic growth, booming.
Trevor  ( October 16, 2017)
Definitely not! This is one expensive town to live in. With hydro rates reduced, sewer and water are my biggest expense. Add to that the insane idea of doubling rates in the next while, we are out of here. Until commercial tax payers pay the majority of taxes, instead of residential rate payers shouldering the load, the town is doomed to shrink.
Paula  ( October 15, 2017)
It's all from the Provincial and Federal governments, which is borrowed and will never be paid back until we're bankrupt. When Trump gets through with Canada we'll really be in a financial jam.
pk  ( October 12, 2017)
I believe that since the paper mill closed the prosperity left with it. Even if you have a decent job or pension the cost of living in Kenora is very high. Taxes and utilities have risen drastically to make up for the short fall in taxes from the mill. I was looking forward to retiring here but with the never ending increases will have to look at other options.
JD  ( October 12, 2017)
With a lot of households being retired people on fixed incomes, there is a lot less prosperity. A look around town at the crumbling infrastructure, homes in disrepair and closed businesses, shows it more. The high cost of energy, sewer and water,gas,groceries and taxes is driving people away. The high wage jobs of the paper mill are long gone.