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Do you think communities and governments are prepared to meet the needs of the aging Baby Boom population in Canada?
No   100     78%
Yes   28     22%
 Total Votes: 128

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Dave  ( May 24, 2017)
All of the comments are right on. I could look after myself and family before the latest round of Liberal governments (and local). Not so sure anymore. I do not have a government pension. Saved and invested for 45 years. As we all know all forms of taxes are killing us (taxpayers).
pk again  ( May 23, 2017)
It is also a shame that seniors who are in hospital waiting for a placement in a long care facility have to pay out of pocket for their hospital stay. After working and paying taxes and health care levy all their lives and OHIP doesn't cover.
JD  ( May 23, 2017)
Not even close. Growing up in the 60s, Beaver Brae had to be built because the old KKDHS was not big enough for the numbers of "boomers" going to high school. At that time Pinecrest Home was a 200 bed facility.
Fast forward till today and Pinecrest has been pared back to a 100 bed facility. sadly, a lot of the beds closed over the years, are still there, ready to be put into service. Both Long Term Care homes are full, both with waiting lists. The Hospital houses patients in need of LTC, albeit at a very high per diem.
IF there were adequate seniors housing, beds and other facilities available for the "boomer" population,it could free up residential housing.
The last census shows senior numbers are greater than non seniors. Given the fact also that residential taxpayers (cash cows) pay more in taxes than the commercial sector (we want more services) freeing up "affordable" housing would add to the tax base.
It is nice that there are programs that allow for Home Care, to keep seniors at home, but these are stop gap measures at best.
paul  ( May 23, 2017)
The goverments and communties have never looked after any senoirs never mind the baby boomers coming up.
Spending beyond what we have ... all the pension money is being spent. It is funny how everybody wanted the Liberals in to do the same thing they have done forever make us broke and they say Trump is bad.
STAN  ( May 21, 2017)
As far as I know, the gov't has spent our pension money that was meant for our retirement. Now, they are scrambling to come up with the cash to pay us our pensions. Baby Boomers will be a financial pox on the gov't, only because there are so many of us. Also, I believe pensioners SHOULD NOT have to pay any more taxes off their checks. We've worked and paid our dues and more than our fair share of the "WAR EFFORT". Time for a break from taxes before we die.
concerned citizen  ( May 19, 2017)
We presently have someone in Birchwood and the staffing is always short. I also hear that Pinecrest is the same way. The staff is great it is not their fault there is not enough. The people who run these should sit down and think about the situation. It is about the almighty dollar! Who cares if people are not being cared for if they are making a buck. We lack in the area of Senior care! I hate to say it but what do I have to look forward to! It terrifies me. We need to act now!
pk  ( May 18, 2017)
When I see how much money this government can spend on other countries and not have enough to give seniors a small raise in pensions once in awhile I think it is a shame. Most have contributed all their working lives to the system. Many have not made enough to contribute for their own retirement.
Josie  ( May 18, 2017)
Governments have failed miserably on this one and as the population ages the problem will only continue to become worse. Not every senior has a family who can care for them and so it is up to society to push for a major change. After all, we may be in that predicament some day soon.